How to Develop Engaging yet Secure Mobile Apps

How to Develop Engaging Secure Mobile Apps

In this era of technology, people are living two lives, virtual and real. The funny thing is that they don’t even know about this fact. We all are living some part of life virtually. And all this took place because of numerous apps that are being developed for smartphones, PCs and other devices. As far as the market is concerned, it is flooded with millions of app for every platform and is quite interesting and difficult for developers to come up with a design and content that engages the user base.

Well, this is the only major power that these developers have. And you know what they say about ‘power’? ‘With great power comes great responsibility’, which is true! The developer is not only responsible for their content and design which obviously will capture them more subscribers but also for the security of the app. There are several scenarios where some or the other apps were involved in spreading malware and even found stealing users personal data. Well, let’s talk about how to Develop Engaging yet Secure Mobile Apps;

There are numerous factors that are responsible for making any app engaging and secure at the same time that is to be kept by the developers. We’ll be going to present these factors in a point-wise fashion, let’s roll.

The design of the app

The first thing you notice about any app will be its design and user interface. The overall design of the app must look appealing, and the user controls should be pretty basic and easy to understand. Do take note of the point that, ‘the first impression, is the last impression’. As a developer, you need to make your customer ‘want’ to open your app and where the design of the app icon will also fall in place.
The design part is not just focussed on the in-app things; the design focusses on the themes, icon size, colour and shape. For and instances, with the inclusion of material design for Android devices, developers have been making material design friendly icons and app layouts, which are intriguing and engaging.


You can always collect the feedback from the users about the app. We get it; a very less of them are interested in sending feedback via email and app store comments and ratings. But a modern smartphone have almost 17+ sensors built in; you can make use of all such sensors to collect data about your users. For that, you need to up your storage game, with a lot of data coming in you must keep your data servers ready for that extra volume and variety of data.
Moreover, analysts can detect the usage patterns of the users while they use your apps. These analysts can then add this information and can make patterns and trends, based on which you can add new features and generate more business. For instance, let’s take an example of any e-commerce app. These apps are focused in knowing about what all stuff you are watching while you are online on their app apart from purchasing. These apps then send you continuous emails or push notifications about the product you just saw and didn’t end up buying.

Coding and maintenance of the security

Make sure that the codes to your app are in safe hands. It has been seen in cases where the app have lost its credibility, and the security of the app has become compromised because someone shared the codes of the app online. Developers must also take care about the malicious coding that is available on the internet. It is better to code your app (from scratch) rather than going around and picking up something from the internet and then making modifications.
Users are no longer for downloading and bugged apps But they prefer android apps such as brawl Stars android APK, music apps like Fildo APK, Asphalt Street Storm etc. They have developed a tendency of reading app reviews before trying the apps themselves. The developers must make sure to remove any bugs whatsoever as and when they are reported. These bugs (If not fixed) can later on lead to some drastic security issues like stealing of the user’s personal data unnecessary including their camera snaps and banking account details, etc.

Team Management

There are very few apps that are being developed single-handedly, which is commendable. But in the modern day, when we are trying to adjust to our busy schedules, making an app single-handedly is next to a nightmare. Developers must work in teams to deliver the content via the app. Even the development of the app must be taken care by the entire team. This way, the bugs can be handled well, the design can be made good with lots of inputs and dividing and assigning tasks to ‘n’ number of people will get the app ready in a very less time.


These are just ‘some of the factors’; there are many more things that are to be taken care about such as monitory involvement, expenditure and investment, we’ll cover that in our upcoming write-ups.

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