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What Makes Antigua So Beautiful Along with Landscapes?


Are you considering your visit to Caribbean this season? But since there are so many islands to visit, it would surely be difficult for you to visit them all at once. In that case, going one by one would possibly be the best idea. Why not start with the Antigua first? Believe it or not but many tourists have been so much fascinated with this place, its positive vibes and peace within that most of them have even planned to apply for the Antigua citizenship. Even though if it won’t exactly be your choice, still you can consider paying a visit to this stunning place at one.

Whenever we talk about the travel spot and tourists attraction, it’s not just the beautiful landscapes that are being highlighted. There are many other things that tourist wish to come across and get inspired with. Just like now since we are talking about the Antigua, here are few things about that place that makes is quit persuasive for the worldwide tourists to visit Antigua at least once in a whole life. So let’s dig in further;

New Beach for a new day at Antigua

Astounding but yes that’s true! At Antigua, you get to see a new beach for everyday of the year since this captivating location is bejeweled with 365 beaches in total. In fact, many people across the world call it the land of beaches. For sure you would love to stumble upon a new yet amazing water body for every day you prefer to stay there. And if you are simply in love the beautiful sunsets, just get to see it from the different beaches, different perspective having a different yet heart throbbing feel. Moreover, you get to see a plethora of verities in terms of beaches like from empty to busy beaches, wavy to smooth and sunrise to sunsets etc.

Polite People

Most probably, every attendant or even some random person you meet there is going to be polite with you. There are mostly British people in Antigua, who gained an independence over 35 years ago from United Kingdom. For sure, you would simply get fascinated with how peaceful, nice, well-mannered and polite they are. With always welcoming gestures and smiling faces, they have now been habitual of spreading the positive vibes all over.

Crystal Clear Blue Water and White Powdery Sand

Since you have been reading travel blog more often, you might have stumbled upon this overused cliché of “crystal clear blue water” so many times. As mentioned above, Antigua has a lot of beaches and they are all covered with the white powdery sand. But one thing about this crystal clear blue water must be mentioned here is that you would simply hate diving into any other lake in this world after you get the experiences of diving in this beautiful water of Antigua Seriously. So just get yourself obsessed with some great diving experience in Antigua and don’t miss out to lay down on the powdery sand afterward with a sun hat.

Beach Bars

If you are a passionate traveler, you would agree that no beach is good without bars. Frankly, the sole role of the bars at the beach is to remind you that life at home is simply dry and useless. So just get out of your houses, those bloody comfort zones, explore the world. Perhaps that’s possibly the perfect you get to find your real self.

Finally, it can surely be justified that why many travelers (Outsiders) prefer to apply for the Antigua citizenship and be, legally, a permanent citizen of such beautiful places.


Are you considering a visit to Antigua this year? Just check out the article now.

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