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Business Analyst and Data Analyst: If you’re searching about Business Analyst vs. Data Analyst, then you must be in confusion, precisely what their role is or what they do in their daily work life. So, first of all, let me inform you that there’s a lot of confusion regarding the jobs or roles of Business Analyst vs. Data Analyst among people. Both of them do work with data, but the main difference is that what exactly they do with data. That’s what their difference lies in. So, here I’m gonna guide you a little about this.


So first let’s discuss about a business analyst.

Role of a Business Analyst:

Business analysts basically work with the data and take actions against that to improve the performance of a business. They give suggestions About what should a company do and what should not.

So that was a short term I have explained over there, and now here I will discuss details about what a business analyst actually do.

Role of a Business Analyst

Basically a business analyst at first understand what the business does and how it does it, then it determines how to improve existing business process, and then it determines which task or steps to automate (get the requirements), and then it designs the features of IT system (creates functional specifications), And finally implement the new feature of the IT system (technical design).

So Businessman list is basically “an agent of change”. They recommend the needs of an Enterprise or business And provide solutions after that. Then when a company needs to change current or future problem, the business analyst provides an answer there.

They can be involved in any one of the following functions :

  1. Credit risk analysis(Used in banks or credit card companies).
  2. Customer retention analytics(used in service companies like hotel rentals).
  3. Pricing analytics of any product/service (Used in e-commerce).
  4. Salesforce optimization (used in pharma companies).

These are only a few of the many roles that have come up today.

And now it’s the term for data analyst.

Role of a data analyst:

Data analyst basically provide reports and visualizations to explain details about data. This data is used by various persons, including business analyst also. They design, develop, and deploy algorithms through statistical programming that support business decision-making tools; manage a large amount of data; create a visualization to aid in understanding.

So what a data analyst does is they figure out what the data means, they use computer systems and complex calculation applications to get their number nailed down. But there is still a lot of intellectual knows how that goes into making this system work.

Role of a Data Analyst
Role of a Data Analyst
  • Purpose: their job is to assign numerical values to different business functions and identify efficiencies, problem areas, and possible improvements.
  • Data: What do they do with all that statistical data?
  1. Collect – 51%
  2. Organize – 11%
  3. Interpret – 22%
  4. Study – 14%
  5. Apply – 31%
  • → Why: This is a process of inspecting, training, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering Useful information.

I guess at this step, you’ve learnt about business analyst and data analyst, their works and roles. And now I’ll tell you about the role requirements of Business Analyst VS Data Analyst.


Business Analyst Requirements:

Nearly all the business analyst are Graduate. Being Graduate in subjects that are closely focused on Business Administration, Economics, Finance, etc. helps a business analyst to qualify the job requirements.

Business Analyst and data analyst Requirements
Business Analyst and data analyst Requirements

A Business analyst should be able to Research and Analyse data. He should be able to investigate and get the data. Skill in SAP is a proposal and must have expertise in Microsoft office works. the Business analyst should have strong written and verbal communication skills and project management skills.

Data Analyst Requirements:

Lag business analyst data should also have to graduate in subjects like mathematics, Technology, Computer Science and Engineering, etc. Should have some skills in programming and predictive analysis experience. If someone has more qualification then it will be more preferable to get a job.

The skills that a data analyst should have is solid knowledge in SQL Query, necessary skills in R, Python programming language, data mining techniques, machine learning, ability to handle multiple projects at once and just like Business Analyst he also needs good written and verbal communication skills.

Business Analyst Salary:

Salary of business analysts is a little higher. They earn on approx $75,575 a year.

Business analyst salary, Data analyst salary
Salary of a Business Analyst and Data Analyst

Data Analyst Salary:

Approx salary of Data Analysts is $70,246 a year. Their pay is slightly lower than Business Analysts.

Now the vital point comes. What career should you choose? Business Analyst or Data Analyst? It’s never been so easy to choose the right career. Here I’ll try to guide you.

First of all, before choosing a career, you should consider some factors like your interest, your educational background, and also your professional background.

Business Analyst Salary in India

Your Background (Educational + Professional):

All the business analyst and data analyst have an essential qualification of undergraduate. Some with business-focused and some with IT-focused. So if you are right in various programming languages and information technology related topics, If you are right in math, database, Modelling, and predictive analysis, then Data Analytics profession is better for you.

 And if you are good in business operations and have the knowledge to handle various types of projects, or having the intention to work with different challenges which can be useful for a business to grow up in a better way, The business analysis job is for you.

And finally,

Your interest: But the most important thing is what you are interested in. If you think business analyst is better for you can go with business analyst and if you think data analysis is better for you then you may choose that. and if you do your job with your interest, then you will get success very soon, no matter how difficult is that part for you, because you’re working with passion.

Make your own choice
Make Your Choice

Finally, I want to say that both the career is having an excellent opportunity to shine in the future. You have to be passionate about what you choose and work hard for that. That’s what matters in your career and future.

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