Business Analyst Salary in India



Business Analyst Salary in India, India provided anonymously by employees. What salary does a Business Analyst earn in India

To give you an overall idea about the salary of a Business Analyst –

Average Base Pay: 600,000 – 700,000 Rupees / year

Business Analyst Salary in India

Estimated salary by Experience Level for Business Analyst

Wait wait, this is not applicable for all the situations. There are a lot of other factors, for which this salary varies.

So, let me introduce you with this career.

“Business Analysis is the task of understanding business change needs, assessing the business impact of those changes, capturing, analyzing and documenting requirements and supporting the communication and delivery of requirements with relevant stakeholders.”

I know, you are now too much interested to know the detailed salary in this career. So let’s now start.

Salary of a Business Analyst (In Detail):

As I’ve mentioned before, that salary of business analyst varies upon different factors. The main & Foremost of these factors is the Skillset you have. Normally a fresher will not be much skilled that a company would prefer. So, naturally, he/she will not get a higher package from a good company.

Business Analyst
Business Analyst

The next factor you may say is your knowledge in the particular domain. It’s also an important aspect of a business analyst to have. If you have sufficient knowledge in a particular domain, that is required by a particular company, then it’ll surely bring bright opportunity in your career.

For an example, if the ‘Innovation & Technology’ domain is in trading and lot of companies are getting projects on it,  then it is clear the Business Analyst with ‘Innovation & Technology’ domain is going to get a better pay/increment than a BA (Business Analyst) with other domain.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

            Next, experience plays one of the biggest facts for salary. Not as a business analyst, but everywhere, if you have more experience, you’ll be preferred more, and your salary will be high.

Another big factor is the Location. If you move from a city to another city, you’ll see a huge difference in the average pays.

For example, if you move from Delhi to Ahmedabad, you can see, a 2-year-experienced Business Analyst was getting an average of 7 Lakhs Per Annum in Delhi, whereas his salary was only 3.5 Lakhs Per Annum in Ahmedabad. So, its clear that Location matters in the change in pay scale in this career.

Education is also a great factor here. You can find in the Job description, that recruiters prefer B.E. with Computer / IT + MBA is preferred than others. And also, Masters are more preferred than normal Bachelors (Fresher Levels)

            Next, it comes to Communication / Language. All companies tend to have clients from different countries. So a Business Analyst who has the ability to communicate with various countries’ clients like Japanese, Chinese, Germany, etc, would be an advantage where the company has clients from this country.

Certification has a little value, but it gives you some advantage over others when required. So, it’s better to have a certificate in Business Analysis.

            Finally, need to say, that a different company provides different salaries. So it really varies from company to company.

This all factors will affect the salary. But, for the better conclusion, I’ve gathered a set of data, where you’ll find the approx salary of Business Analysts that are paid by different companies in India

Company NameLowest SalaryHighest SalaryAverage Salary / Year (in INR)
Tata Consultancy Services129K1577K686K 
Mu Sigma179K2317K521K
Cognizant Technology Solutions320K1888K948K
EXL Service 180K1127K569K
ZS Associates234K1145K675K
HCL Technologies192K1565K850K
American Express240K1881K1334K
HSBC Holdings318K1858K1030K
Tech Mahindra132K1583K566K
Ramco Systems452K1216K927K
IBM India407K1915K838K
McKinsey & Company172K2484K1579K
Affine Analytics583K711K659K
LatentView Analytics488K840K547K

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